ETK Performance – Specialized Mercedes – Benz performance part and tuning workshop located in Northern Europe region. We provide services all over the world from USA to Australia. 

We have specialized Mercedes – Benz diagnostic hardware and software, ECU/TCU reading writing tools, and knowledge to repair or code car computer hardware.


Services provided:


Tuning Parts:

  • Hybrid Turbochargers
  • High Performance injectors
  • More efficient intercoolers
  • Standalone ECUs
  • Valve springs
  • MAP sensors
  • Starting kits
  • Nox Sensors

      and much more…


  • ECU – engine tuning (Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3)
  • TCU – gearbox tuning (Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3)
  • DPF FAP – diesel particulate filter programing
  • EGR – Exhaust gas recirculation programing
  • FLAPS – Engine swirl flaps programing
  • Adblue – Exhaust fluid system programing
  • Remote tuning

     and much more…


  • Mercedes diagnosis, proper code reading, live data, problem solving
  • New mercedes keys and programming 
  • ESL – electronic steerling lock emulators
  • AMG menu for instrument clusters
  • Mercedes electronical block programming.
  • Diagnosis in place while buying new car.

      and much more…

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