E320 CDI From USA, Florida that has 415.5 HP and 823 Nm of torque

USA’s Legendary Marcin post:
Been a while but we’re finally done.We tested bunch of things, mostly benefits (or no?) of running methanol,we had different mixtures, experimented with nozzle sizes and injection points.. Big thank you to Amir Turkanovicand ECU Tuning Kaunasfor the help and knowledge. Amazing job!
Our injectors together with solid l110 pump can deliver a ton of fuel, but at this stage hybrid turbo is maxed out (in our conditions and with our setup), regardless it is a very good result in my opinion. Few people talked $hit about that hybrid saying it will never be good for ~400hp, well… IT IS.
Florida heat and humidity provided some challenges, so to keep performance at satisfying and SAFE level we needed to fight for every single degree of oil temp, coolant temp, EGT and IAT possible. Methanol is keeping EGTs significantly lower, oil temp is not rising so quick during pulls and it obviously helps a lot with IAT. Main focus for using methanol injection here was to keep the engine running cooler, not for power, but when you look at the graphs you can clearly see that torque is held longer and engine is making quite a bit more power and torque. I’m sure that with bigger turbo and more methanol we can get a lot more, but we were mainly looking for least amount of smoke and optimal performance not only during early morning hours and late in the evening when it’s cool outside.
Below you have acceleration video and rear view shots to prove it doesn’t blow all of the “How dare yous?!” lol
If you need help with your CDI, let us know, we have a lot of good stuff!

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