400 HP for client from Denmark

Our first project in our new hangar is finished. E320 cdi 400 hp OM648 from Denmark’s enthusiasts – our works:
1. ECU Tune.
2. TCU Tune.
3. Sport discs with brake pads.
4. Folding mirror fix.
5. Finding low pressure in rail – V8 pump restoration, changing fuel quantity regulator.
6. Main xenon block replacement.
7. Engine fan changing.
8. Glow plugs changing.
9. Many works with Daimler Mercedes diagnostic tool, many live data checks.
10. Turbo actuator fixing after finding it’s bad work.
11. Changing oil and filters.
12. Coding fuel quantity in instrument cluster.
Hybrid turbocharger is not perfect and it has some turbo lag, but it’s made by other guys, car reaches fully 140 mm3 and up to 2.7 bar boost. It’s a rocket.

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